Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF removes Mugabe as Leader

The ruling party in Zimbabwe Zanu-PF has officially removed President Robert Mugabe as leader of the party, Guardian reports.

The party has, according to Guardian, replaced him with the ousted vice president Emerson Mnangagwa.

He has so far refused to step down following the military takeover last week, insisting he’s the legitimate leader.

Citizens of the country have taken to protests, marching on the streets calling for him to resign.

However, Mugabe has said the takeover is illegal and he should be allowed to remain president until the elections next year.

Guardian reports that following his removal as party leader, the parliament, which will reconvene on Tuesday following a week-long suspension, is expected to move to impeach him.

The party also removed his wife, Grace, who was the head of the party’s women’s league.

Mnangagwa is expected to takeover as president as soon as Mugabe resigns or is impeached.


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