Wow: According to Scientists, People Should Sleep N*ked for These 6 Reasons…See Details

Scientists shave claimed that sleeping n*ked helps to do certain incredible things to the human body. These are some of those things.

sleeping20gal - Wow: According to Scientists, People Should Sleep N*ked for These 6 Reasons...See Details
Sleeping n*ked shouldn’t just be reserved for heatwaves – scientists claim it has a range of health-boosting benefits.

From boosting male virility to reducing stress, it seems simply peeling your clothes off before bed can cure all sorts of ailments and generally just make life a bit easier.

1. It’s literally the coolest thing you can do

The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute claims that there’s a direct link between insomnia and poor body temperature regulation.

Their team of expert claims one of the reasons people wake up in the night and struggle to drop off again is because they’ve overheated.

However, by ditching the threads, the body can better maintain its own temperature and you’re less likely to wake up.

2. It helps combat heart disease

Getting a good night’s sleep has been found to directly affect your chances of getting diabetes or heart disease.

Researchers from the University of Warwick discovered that people who only slept a few hours a night were more prone to incident-impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG).

The pre-diabetic condition means that your body isn’t able to regulate glucose as efficiently as it should, and people diagnosed with it are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, and have a higher risk of heart disease and strokes.

3. It’s good for wannabe dads

A 2015 study concluded that men looking to start a family – or add to an existing one – should not only opt for roomy boxers, but also sleep in the nude.

Researchers tracked 500 men over a year, monitoring what pants they were wearing and their general sperm quality.

They found that men who wore loose boxer shorts and slept naked had sperm that was 25 percent less damaged than men who wore tight pants and kept them on at night.

4. Less clothes = more happy

A 2014 study of 1000 Brits revealed that the less fabric between partners the higher their happiness level.

Researches found 57 percent of couples who slept in the nude claimed to be happy together.

This was compared with 48 percent of pyjama wearers, 43 percent of women who wore nighties, and 38 percent of people who wore onesies.

5. It’s a stress-buster

The Huffington Post asked sleep expert Neil Robinson if there were any other benefits of stripping off before bed.

He said: “Sleeping naked helps to decrease cortisol, increases the growth hormone and balances melatonin, all of which work to reduce stress levels.”

6. Your skin appreciates it

Sleep expert Neil also told the publication that sleeping naked is good for your body, inside AND out.

He said: “Sleeping naked can also improve circulation and can keep your skin healthier.”

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