Woman Who was Duped and Jilted By 8 Men Finally Gets Married in Lagos

It was indeed a happy day for a woman who finally got hitched to her man in Lagos after suffering so many heartbreaks. 

wp image 150362620 - Woman Who was Duped and Jilted By 8 Men Finally Gets Married in Lagos
A 39-year old woman simply known as Ogechukwu who had been duped huge sums of money and jilted by eight men finally got a man who married her.


The new suitor identified as Mr Jude proposed to her within two weeks and in the third week, they went to their town Ihiala in Anambra State where both hails from, consummated their relationship and came back to Lagos.
They are now living happily at their three bedroom apartment at Ijegun in the outskirts of Lagos.
P.M.EXPRESS contacted Ogechukwu, she confirmed the marriage and was grateful to God that she finally had a husband.
Narrating her ordeal in the hands of men, Ogechukwu said her battle for  husband started about 10 years ago and she had contacts with eight men who broke her heart that nearly killed her. She said the men not only took her money but dumped her and used her money to marry other women.
It was gathered that Ogechukwu had a flourishing business and was not getting younger as her parents were worried about her marital situation. She said her mother had summoned severally, asked her to get married and to bear children. Not minding that fact that she was successful in her business, she said her life was not complete without a man. She took the advice of her mother and by then there were so many men pestering her, so she decided the make a choice.
She narrated that the first guy he chose was a complete fake person. When she agreed to the relationship, she discovered that he was jobless and she decided to cover him up and gave him about N4m for importation of clothes. She said after collecting the money, that was the last time she saw him for over 5 years. The second and third person equally came the same way; they obtained her money and used it to marry other women as wives.
She said at a time, she gave up but her mother encouraged her to continue searching that the right person will surely come.
She also tried another guy who convinced her to prepare documents for him to travel abroad and when he settled down over there, she will come over. She decided to try him and procure the documents. But he travelled and later called and told her that he had gotten married over there and thanked her for assisting him and that was all she got.
The rest that came after did similar things. She then decided to forget anything about getting a husband and even made up her mind to adopt a baby before the present husband came. She said she did not believe him until he started showing signs that he was really serious and even went to her village to talk to her parents who advised her to accept.
She said when they carried out the necessary tests she accepted. The man then told her that he was ready for proper marriage and that they should travel and do the traditional wedding which they went for. He did not request for money like others but took care of all the expenses and even gave her money daily as husband which amused her.
Ogechukwu told P.M.EXPRESS that said she has really found a man that loves her, was happy with the marriage and confirmed being pregnant for her husband.

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