“Why I Married My Sister” – 25-Year-Old Anambra Teacher Reveals

teacher - “Why I Married My Sister” – 25-Year-Old Anambra Teacher Reveals25-year-old Ezeibekwe who works in a secondary school in the Aguata LGA of Anambra state said that God “sanctioned” the marriage to his sister.
A Mathematics teacher, Chiadi Ezeibekwe, has revealed that he married his younger sister who is reportedly 17-years-old.
Instablog9ja reports that 25-year-old Ezeibekwe who works in a secondary school in the Aguata LGA of Anambra state said that God “sanctioned” the marriage to his sister.
According to the reports, angry youths burned down the church where the brother and sister were reportedly wedded.
The Sabbath church was reportedly located in the teacher’s compound.
Discussing the controversial topic with Vanguard, the teacher who is the sixth of 10 children said, “I am a Sabbath and in searching through the scriptures, I discovered that one could marry his sibling.
“So, we went ahead with the arrangement to marry my younger sister. God told me to marry my sister and she also saw same vision. There are places in the Bible that support such marriage.
“Those in doubt should read Songs of Solomon chapters 4 and 5 and 1st Corinthians Chapter 7. Since we took this decision, I have not felt anything unusual, or felt that I did anything wrong. .
“In the school where I teach, many people ask me about it and I boldly refer them to the Bible. Besides, by marrying one’s sibling, there will not be the possibility of introducing ugly situations, like diseases or social vices into the family.”
The traditional prime minister, Gabriel Ezeukwu, said the angry youths had initially considered “subjecting the couple to rituals” as punishment.
He added that everyone was relieved to learn that the girl is not yet pregnant.

“Before coming to me, they were considering various options, including whether to involve the police, resort to jungle justice or parade those involved round the town before subjecting them to other rituals.
“However, I ensured that the girl in question was subjected to a rigorous pregnancy test to ascertain that she had not been impregnated by her brother and, after several tests, it was confirmed that she was not pregnant, which is a relief,” he said.
Incest: A rising trend?

The word incest exists because se’xual relations between blood relatives happen. Bible scholars can point out to a few cases of incest in the Old Testament. And if you are not into religion at least you watch “Game Of Thrones” and can see freaky things happened between a brother and his sister back in the day.

At the heart of this story is that are we born with the knowledge that incest is bad or is it something that must be taught by parents?

Granted se’x education in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. As a young Nigerian, you are expected to figure out hormones and puberty by yourself. The closest you can get to an explanation is when your Biology teacher gets to the Reproduction part of the syllabus.

Our prudish attitude towards se’x reflects on issues such as se’xual consent, ra’pe, se’xual violation amongst others. We don’t talk about se’x. We just know people have it.
Without se’xual education it’s hard to believe that some kids do not see incest as a taboo of sorts. Every human being has a moral consciousness, a conscience you might say wired in his or her DNA.
Children know killing is bad because they are born with a moral framework of good and bad. Our parents didn’t have to lecture us that killing is wrong. We just know. I would like to believe the same goes with incest.

However, one cannot dismiss the numerous tales of siblings sleeping with each other. There are too many sordid stories of incest on the Internet.

These stories will make you wonder if parents have a role to play so that their children don’t engage in incestse’xual relationships?
In more advanced nations, we have seen cases of brothers and sisters having an affair.

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