We’ve Slept in Water for Two Days Now – Residents Cry of Anguish, Pain as Massive Flood Sacks Nsukka Town

Massive flood as a result of heavy downpour is really displacing thousands of Nigerians as the residents Nsukka local government area of Enugu state are currently in pains.

floods 300x175 - We've Slept in Water for Two Days Now - Residents Cry of Anguish, Pain as Massive Flood Sacks Nsukka Town
Residents of Nsukka town, Nsukka local government area of Enugu state are in pains as flood continue to wreak havoc in the area.

Residents blamed channelisation and road construction for the flood.

While speaking to Daily Sun, one resident, Fidelis Eze, who lives at New Anglican Road, aid they slept inside water for two days.

“Our government seems not to be giving us attention. When the rain started this year, we, on our own, organised and cleared all our gutters, but, surprisingly, look at what we are seeing here.

“We don’t know what the state Ministry of Works is doing in Nsukka. I believe the problem must have emanated from wrong channeling of rain water.”

Another resident at Onuiyi Junction Caroline Eke, said her family relocated from where they were staying because of the flood.

“Initially, when the road was been constructed, we raised the alarm that channeling of the flood was not properly done but nobody listened. Today, look at the situation; flood has sacked all of us here.

“Another big problem we have in Nsukka is that our people dump refuse inside the drainages thereby blocking free flow of water. Government should start arresting people who block free flow of water and also, help channel the water to the river.”

Fabian Ugwu, who also lives in Nsukka reiterated that the “rain has confirmed my fears about the work done on the road linking Total Roundabout, Odenigbo, Ofuluonu and Ikenga hotels Nsukka.

“Some people blamed the flood on our people’s poor conduct in handling our roads, in the form of blocking drainage system and water ways with garbage.”

“Our local council should do more to sensitise our people against this. Even as individuals, we owe our town a duty of carrying out individual campaign.

“When the local government legislative council is constituted, they can enact a law to punish offenders.

“Two weeks prison term will not be bad for any convicted offender.

“My heart bleeds when I see those men making use of digger, hoes and shovels to create drainage as if we are still in the Stone Age. They borrowed wheel barrow to convey sand and gravel, in sacks, to the site. People raised alarm and our listening governor visited the site couple of times.”

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