VIDEO: Vine De Poet – Not A Victim

img 20190705 174225 612 1540028427 - VIDEO: Vine De Poet – Not A VictimNot a victim” (NAV) Campaign…. by Vinedepoet
A victim is a person harmed or killed as a result of a crime, accident or other events.
However, If you have ever been a victim of any situation, you’d know that the feelings go way beyond the definition given above. It’s more psychological and emotional than physical.
The world is occupied by increasing number of people
who have lost reasons to carry on. These persons are eaten up by guilt of past deeds, depression, sickness, domestic violence, drug addiction, societal pressures and expectations and so much more.
The accrual of these sum up in their minds and each time they take a glance at the mirror, they see a victim.
The ‘NAV campaign’ piece searches in the deep subliminal and weak places of victims and everyone to bring out strength, power, energy and hope of a new life , to charge and remind them of what they could be instead of who they’ve been.
A victim might not be anyone you can see with broken body or shattered limbs, it could be someone just by your side you haven’t noticed. ( a minute you give out to listen to someone might convince you …)
Let’s stand to fight the feelings and not necessarily the bruises.
Let’s campaign together fam!


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