Video – Girl Wearing Headphones is Run Over by a Train But Still Survived

Video – Girl Wearing Headphones is Run Over by a Train But Still Survived

According to The Sun UK, Pratiksha Natekar, 19, was oblivious to the engine “thundering down the tracks” as she crossed to another platform because she was wearing earphones.
Shocking video shows commuters panicking as they see her on the tracks – but they are powerless to help.
She looked up at the last minute but was too late as the train ploughed into her.
Luckily, the driver had hit the brakes and she miraculously only suffered minor injuries to her lips, eyes and head.
CCTV captured every second of the alarming incident at Kurla railway station in Mumbai, India, on May 13.
Pratiksha was heading home after meeting a friend when she crossed the tracks to try and reach platform 7.
After recovering, the teenager has spoken to local media and urged people not to use headphones when boarding or waiting for a train.
“I was crossing the tracks when I suddenly saw the train coming,” she told New Delhi TV.
“I was stunned and I did not know what to do. I don’t know what happened. When I woke up I was in hospital.”
Her gran said: “We were scared. We lost hope of seeing her alive.”
Senior railway police inspector Ashok Bhorade said: “As she was busy over the phone, she didn’t hear a goods train thundering down the tracks.
“When she suddenly looked up the train had already reached her.
“She panicked and ran first towards the platform and then straight into the train.”
Watch the video below:


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