Uche Maduagwu Browbeats Bobrisky For Insulting Odunlade Adekola

uche maduagwu threatens bobrisky for insulting odunlade lailasnews 2 600x300 2002899185 - Uche Maduagwu Browbeats Bobrisky For Insulting Odunlade AdekolaUche Maduagwu, the controversial
Nollywood actor is hunting cross-dresser
Bobrisky after he insulted Odunlade
Uche took to his own IG page to slam
Bobrisky for disrespecting Odunlade and
went further to ask the popular cross-
dresser to immediately apologize to the
Yoruba Movies star.
Uche wrote
”@bobrisky222 If you can INSULT
@odunomoadekola by calling him a
“senseless IDIOT”, what should we call these
“New Yam festival” pics??? @bobrisky222
pictures don’t LIE, you can be deceiving
yourself and all those “Radical for Jesus”
actresses that you’re a GIRL,? but behind all
those miracle Snapchat filters,?
Nigerians know the real you, a masquerade
can never hide from the gods.?
@bobrisky222 APOLOGIZE to
@odunomoadekola now because he is a
LEGEND in the Yoruba movie industry, and
not your age mate.? @bobrisky222 if you
like, pack all the bathroom slippers in Lagos
inside your BRA,? we don’t care, but stop
disrespecting Yoruba movie actors.
Uche Maduagwu went further to write:
”@bobrisky222 Stop insulting
@odunomoadekola He is not responsible for
your minimum wage nightmare looks…?? So
there is no more RESPECT for elders again in
Nigeria?? And this is the same person that
“Radical for Jesus” actress is allowing to
freely eat with her child?? God have mercy.
@bobrisky222 You claim that
@odunomoadekola went to school at old
age,? is it not better late than never? If not
for JACOB, will you be able to write properly
without any assistance?? @bobrisky222 If
you had dressed properly like every NORMAL
human being, will anyone throw a shade at
So now you open your mouth and allegedly
called someone a “SHE GOAT”, and an
“IDIOT?”? @bobrisky222 have you looked at
yourself in the mirror without your
Snapchat filter P.A?? Honestly, even NLC will
not mind donating their 30K minimum wage
to CHARITY if it looked like you in person.
Uche Maduagwu then wrote that Bobrisky
was better off in his old photos;
”@bobrisky222 I won’t LIE to you, before
God, your 10 year pics is far better than
now…??Is it not better to be POOR, and have
Gods support, than to be RICH, and far away
from Him?? Before HATERS will say I’m
judging you,? let us look at what the Holy
bible says.?
In Deuteronomy 22:5 “A woman shall not
wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on
a woman’s clothing, for whoever does these
things is an abomination to the LORD your
God.”? Haters, this is Gods Word, not mine,?
this is the perspective of The God who has
the POWER to judge all men,?
He has spoken clearly on this matter,
@bobrisky222 Yes, you’re a “millionaire”
today,? but before God, all those millions are
just papers,? God has spoken clearly in His
word in Deuteronomy,? its an
ABOMINATION for a man to wear a
FEMALE “Bra”, “Pant” and to dress around
town like a lady.

Uche says he will be petitioning the IG of
Police over Bobrisky

@bobrisky222 I’m going to write a petition
against you before the new IG of police for
your threat on me last year…?? You’ve called
me an IDIOT severally, but insulting
@odunomoadekola someone who is old
enough to be your father,? where were you
when @odunomoadekola started his acting
career in Nollywood??
I’m sure you were still learning how to wear
“BRA” from YouTube videos…? Now you
don’t even RESPECT anyone again in the
Yoruba Movie industry,? just because some
“Radical for Jesus” actresses are giving you
hope that you are a NORMAL human being.?
This is getting too much, you don’t expect
people to fold their hands and watch you
influence our kids negatively with all those
nonsense, female “pants” and “Bra” that you
wear about.? If your common sense is
unavailable due to BAD network,? why can’t
you order for one from Jumia?? .

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