Tough Economy Causes Scarcity of Marriage Suitors in Lagos

Preliminary research conducted on the issue of late marriage among Nigerians in Lagos has revealed the current economic squeeze is a strong impediment to settling down.

This is not the best of times for single ladies whose ages are close to the menopausal stage in Lagos as suitors are not forthcoming due to the economic situation in the country.

The men are reluctant to marry due to the uncertainty of the future of marriages which has thrown the fate of some single women into jeopardy.

P.M.EXPRESS investigation revealed that single ladies between the ages of between 35 and above 40 were under intense pressure from their families to get married.

Some of the men who spoke to a correspondent said they were either not ready or were not going for marriage because they fear they will not be able to cope with the financial obligations that have to do with marriage.

Though, there were no available data which showed that men were not going for marriage because of economic hardship, but the general consensus indicated such development.

Miss Mary Onazi, 39, said she has stopped going to her parents because of the pressure she was getting from them about marriage.

She said it was not that she does not want to marry, “where’s the man?” she asked.

Onazi said that she has tried everything practically possible to attract a man to marry, but said some of the men she had contact with were not ready for marriage.

Miss Nkechi Azubuike, 37, said that she had hope in God for a suitor but she had had her heart broken by several men who pretended they wanted to marry her, ‘obtained’ her money and dumped her.

Azubuike said she fell into those traps because of the pressure she was getting from her family.

“Now I have dedicated my service to God, If I see husband, fine, If i don’t see glory be to God” Azubuike said.

Another lady, a 41-year old Sherry Onyejeke said that she has stopped seeing her parents and members of her family who felt betrayed because she had not gotten a husband.

She said she has been a victim of marriage fraud and betrayal due to the pressure she was getting from her family and have resorted to her fate. She narrated that some of the single men were lazy and do not have courage to embark on marriage because they want already made money.

She maintained that she will not force herself to any man for marriage and so decided to be alone for now.

Some married women who spoke to a correspondent said the pride of any woman was to get married and you cannot blame the pressure coming from families of such single ladies as they’re expected.

Mrs Agnes Nwoke said any lady who did not get a husband was seen as a minus to the family.

She said there was delay also because the process of preparing for marriage now takes a longer time because of the increase in failed marriages.

And so men now watch the conduct of the ladies closely, crosscheck their character before they will make up their minds to marry.

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