Top 4 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football

Get Your Girl to Watch football - Top 4 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football


Top 4 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football

Of course, men who are not indifferent to the best sport on the planet, sometimes face one very significant problem, namely, a painful misunderstanding on the part of girlfriends. If you consider your relationship not as a transient romance but as a lasting long-term union, then it will definitely be easier to instill love (or at least superficial sympathy) for football. But how can you teach a girlfriend to watch football if she flatly doesn’t understand the beauty of this game on the emerald lawn? We spent a lot of sleepless hours in search of an answer to this fundamental question. And now we are happy to present the guide for you. But first, we recommend you to visit older men younger women dating sites. It will be quite interesting.  Football Watchin - Top 4 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend To Watch Football

  1.      Compromise sacrifice

Of course, you can just inform your girlfriend five minutes before the match and sit her on the sofa next to you, promising that she herself will fall in love with this sport. But the times of patriarchy, unfortunately, have sunk into oblivion. And most likely, your lady will defiantly reject such an offer and just stare at the laptop with a poker face. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare her for this in advance.

Or make a sacrifice. The best option would be some uninteresting joint pastime for you. For example, you can watch a boring film, go with her to a girlish meeting dedicated to cosmetics or even to the concert of her favorite band. She will understand that you are ready to engage in completely uninteresting things just for her and enthusiastically agree to a reciprocal step.

  1.      Appropriate conditions

You have to try to fully involve the girl in the process, otherwise, the next two hours will become for her a boring torture, the repetition of which she will not want to admit. It’s not so difficult if you think about her – you just need to show some effort. Buy anything that she likes (even martini) in addition to the standard set of beer and pistachios. And most importantly – don’t call friends! This is really a mandatory point. If they call their girlfriends, you will not even notice how they will go to another room and take up discussion of everything except football.

  1.      Explain the rules

It’s hard to get pleasure from something you don’t understand at all. Explain the rules. Thank God football is not baseball – the rules are fairly simple (that is why so many people love it). Don’t disregard the connection of football with show business. Tell her about the astronomical salaries of players of “Manchester City”, the eternal hostility between the fans of “Real” and “Barcelona”, and so on. These are exactly the points of entry through which a person, who doesn’t know anything about this sport, may most easily be interested. After some time, she herself will go to the level when dribbling of Cristiano Ronaldo will delight even more than his hair.

  1.      Emotions

Men may root for a team differently. Someone really screams at every controversial decision of a judge, someone throws light or not very light things on the wall after the defeat of the favorite team, someone silently sits an hour and a half, looking thoughtfully at the screen and gives only a couple of estimates after a goal. For us, all these models are equally worthy. However, when you watch football with a woman, you must be emotional. It should be clear to her that football is more than a matter of life and death. If she sees that the spectacle on TV can cause her cold-hearted and reserved guy sincere emotions, then she will at least try to understand what in this sport can cause such a reaction. But if after the goal scored she screams louder than you, you can be proud of yourself. You did it! Now she is a fan.

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