TOP 10: Gbetu Top 10 Songs for February

TOP 10: Gbetu Top 10 Songs for February

Gbetu Top 10 Nigeria Street Songs – February 2019

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Alright, this is coming very late with so much anticipation attached but its better late than never.

Here are the top ten artistes that made sense with there music in February 2019.

So much effort that must be commended and the minds behind the beats are not left out, just as we promised.

This is Gbetu just saying you should not leave hood songs for viral song. We have much better artistes with dope lyrics and sound in general that need your nods and “waist”. No regret.

Check them out!

Top 10 Nigeria Street Songs for February 2019


1. BAE – El_Gideonaire X Da Singsong

Song was produced by produced by Frigobeatz

2. Jaystifla – Bossu 

Song was produced by Hydraulix Fonye

3. Moxkito – Oyibo x African Man (feat. Kaylo)

Song was produced by Moxkito

4. S_Temmie – Am Begging

Song was produced by  Leksikay.

5. Iya Samu Son (Xamoel) – Omo Irole Aye

Song was produced by MyStylezBeat

6. B33is – Never Perfect 

Song was produced by Dj Loxzy

7.    JTwarrior – BlaQ Boi Dream 

Song was produced by Kindwiz

8. Emex – Good Vibes

Song was produced by Grace Finger

9. Loud x Prezlee – Designer 

Produced by SV

10. DJ Toy – Come Closer

Song was produced by SP Beatz.

So that’s it for February, March on its way after review.


How To Participate:

– Song must be sent via our Bloggers Affiliate (Audio not Download Link or Both)

– Song must come with artwork and well mixed and mastered.

– Song must come with name of Producer

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