Thousands of Women Reveal What Really Makes a Man Attractive to Them – It Will Surprise You

Women have opened up on the qualities that really make a man appear attractive to them and you will be surprised by it.

What do women want? It’s an age-old question.

While each woman is different and finds different things attractive about different men, a new study has found there are some very specific things that can make men more attractive.

The study by men’s grooming brand men-ü has revealed exactly what women want.

The brand surveyed over 2,000 women and found the ideal man has lovely eyes, great humour and personality, a great scent and a smooth shave.

Yep, that’s right. According to this survey women prefer a clean-shaven man over a bearded guy any day.

George Clooney was voted the ideal male celebrity, followed by David Beckham, Harry Styles and Brad Pitt.

Three quarters of women (77%) said humour and personality was the most important quality a man could have.

This was followed by nice eyes at 61%. Surprisingly only 16% of women said a good physique was important.

Four out of 10 women said how a man smells is important and only 37% valued intelligence over all else – meaning women rate a man’s smell over his intellectual capabilities.

Nearly all women (93%) want a man to take pride in his appearance and revealed if a man wants a second date it’s essential they make an effort.

Over 25% of women said they wouldn’t see a man again if he wasn’t well groomed and it would ruin the date for them.

Short men rejoice as only 26% of women preferred tall men over their shorter counterparts.

Only 21% of the participants said they wanted a chivalrous man and 36% said they would like someone sensitive and compassionate.

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