The video which is now making rounds on the internet, shows two Under age girls hawking

A recent video uploaded online by a social media user, Aisha Alubankudi shows a heart-wrenching side of underage hawking. Young girls who should be in school are seen carrying out unfavourable manual labour. The video which is now making rounds on the internet, shows two young girls hawking and evidently working hard to survive.

Alubankudi who is a socialite and philanthropist shared the photos of the little girls on her social media page. She then cried out to NAPTIPS to correct thewrongs regarding the survival of such children. Aisha’s major worry as reflected in her post, is the danger the girl-child is exposed to for parading such terrain, unguarded.

Aisha’s point revolved around protecting these little ones from dangers that can rob them off their innocence. She said: “These beautiful girls should be in school not hawking. NAPTIPS should do the needful. There should be enforcement of ban on underage hawking and all children mustbe educated. They’re at risk of sexual abuse.”

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