Teddy A, BamBam In Kiri-kiri Prison

Former BBNaija housemates Teddy A and BamBam have visited the Maximum Prison in Kiri-kiri, Lagos, to spend time with inmates ahead of Teddy’s birthday.
The visit was a move to launch the BamTeddyFoundation on Teddy A ’s birthday, June 6th – the singer and model revealed.

“It’s no exaggeration when i say i got the best family ever! I wanted to spend time with inmates at the maximum prison as part of my birthday celebration and the launch of The #BamTeddyFoundation to say thank you for a wonderful 2019 so far and to begin a new chapter in my journey. They came through for me like they’ve always done for the past 1 year,” he wrote on his Instagram page on Monday.

“I was able to donate different items to aid the work processes to help prison inmates make something of themselves when they get out to the real world.
Trust me, i know what it’s like being incarcerated, it’s never a good feeling. The stigma, feelings of depression and isolation is one i do not wish upon anybody. Never take the freedom you have today for granted.

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