TBoss Reveals She’s Had Her Own Fair Share Of Trials As She Shows Off Beauty

Big Brother Naija 2017 reality star,

Tboss , has been in quite a few controversies since the end of the reality show.

She took to her Instagram page to share a stunning photo of herself with a message for all her fans and non-fans as well.

She wrote:

My WCW today is Myself. And unapologetically so. Today I celebrate myself, the amazing person that I am. Yeah yeah yeah some may say, look at her she’s not even humble!

Go on, give it your best shot, but I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations, pain that very few people can comprehend & yes I have triumphed! And this makes me so proud of myself. I am so happy and privileged to be Me.

I am not perfect not even close but I know Every decision taken,every mistake made & every act of kindness has brought me here & I am contend in the realization that I am on the right path to fulfilling my purpose.

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