Taylor Bennett – Real Friends (Remix)

Taylor Bennett – Real Friends Remix 220x220 - Taylor Bennett – Real Friends (Remix)

Taylor Bennett – Real Friends (Remix)

Taylor Bennett has been holding out on us. Chance The Rapper’s brother just dropped a set of unreleased tracks he’s calling Throw Aways: Unmixed, on SoundCloud, and one song, “Gimmie a Call,” features Chano,Taylor holds down the sole verse on the track spitting, “How you doing? It’s Taylor Bennett, the famous rapper This entire new collection is 13 songs, which includes remixes, freestyles and some original.

Chance the Rapper seems like a pretty large burden in this industry, but Taylor Bennett is proving to be finding his stride pretty well.Saturday afternoon, the budding rapper decided to compile a project of previously unreleased and unmixed tracks to create a new playlist titled Throw Aways.Flaunting 13 tracks in all, Taylor rides out solo for the majority of the listen, with appearances being made by the likes of Dice Soho, Satchel Stokes.

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