Sponsored Post: Quality Speaks Inside Papilo’s Studios – Kanu

Sponsored Post: Quality Speaks Inside Papilo’s Studios – Kanu

Former footballer; Kanu Nwankwo who delved into the creative business as he recently reinstated His support for entertainment and promised to help it grown  in Nigeria with the introduction of his Photo Studio which has A school of photography, video and sound production, printing and product branding.
Papilo has really invested into this studio. It’s well equipped such that some parts are still not optimised in terms of usage. Apart from the fact that it’s a world class photography laboratory, Kanu sees it as another means of giving back to the society. Our print quality is fantastic, yet we print at a price far lower than other Studio’s.
Papilo’s goodwill also helps further his own cause. The name Papilo has been drawing attraction to the studio.
“The brand name Papilo (Kanu) has rubbed off on the brand. The patronage has been encouraging. new faces every day. Photographers come in from different parts of Lagos to have their works printed out. With  the young generation of musicians trooping into the music studio every day with their crazy hairstyles.”
For Papilo Studios, its state-of-the-art equipment also provides a platform for business in aspects of branding such as printing of flex banners, stickers, branded mug, shirts and vehicles. Coupled with increasing patronage, Kanu is confident of the studio becoming a huge force to reckon with in the next few months.
The world class photo studio Papilo studios was named after his nickname; Papilo which he has adopted over the years. Papilo Studio is located at No 86 Allen Avenue  beside GTBank, Ikeja Lagos.

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