Good day guys, have you ever stopped to ask what your banks do with your money, or what investment they put your money into?, well, you might be surprised to hear that AGRICULTURE one of the streams of investments they dealing in, currently. why? 

The International Institute of Finance, the International Finance Corporation, Banking Environment Initiative alongside the World bank group sustainable finance initiative as well as Central Banks 
have all made it a point of duty for commercial, mortgage, merchant banks and other financial institutions to diversify into SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT/ GREEN FINANCING/ ETHICAL BANK and so on and this has snow balled into the purchase of GREEN BONDS, CARBON CREDITS, also INVESTMENT AGRICULTURAL and so on.

So far there have been tremendous profit increase on the part of the Bankers, BUT YOUR MONEY IN 

BANK NEVER INCREASES. It is just a smart way of turning the BUSINESS OF BUSINESS, BEING BUSINESS into the BUSINESS OF BUSINESS, BEING SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS…. not to further bore you with a lot of info, google for more. 
AGIB INVESTMENT is just biting from this initiative. Its just so sad that we allow investment platforms for outside the country to sweep us off our feet into investing with them and they take our money back to there country/ economic for further development and economic growth while we wallow in stunted economic growth and wiggle through crooked
development. This is a chance to flow with this diversification from crude, as crude oil suffers threats
of extinction. AGIB INVESTMENTS is a registered platform for you to virtually practice agriculture,
while you watch your money grow over time. You doubting? you cant get more convinced except
you try it. thinking about the risk? well worry not, you can calculate it yourself, RISK = PROBABILITY X

we have done it and i can tell you it is very low. 

Visit www.agib.com.ng
Suit 7, Faith Joe Complex, Opposite Alengongo Primary School, Ojuirin Akobo
+2348065097879, +2348102810619

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