Slay Queen who was called out by her friend yesterday responds, says her friend has infected 3 Facebook Guys with various diseases

So, yesterday.. We posted a story of a “Slay Queen” who was called out by her “former friend”, Oluwa Shidara on Facebook, and alleged that she’s slept with almost all the Nigerian Guys on Facebook.

Oluwa Shidara claimed the slay queen, Identified as “Ayoniadee Gucci Gucci” stole from her, she wrote in a Long rant on Facebook:

“Hey Pals, Do you know this bitch Called Ayoniadee Gucci Gucci. Please tell her to return my bag she carried to lagos when she went to F** her Facebook Daddy Starboi Lolo in Lagos. and Nike Slippers My Boyfriend Brought For me. Eles Dis is just the beginning for Dis.

You this useless bitch. She has fuc*ed all FB Guys finish including Pablo Escobor. This Bi(=*ch hardly bath. She can wear pant for 6 days. pity all this guys F***ng her. I pray you guys don’t contact diseases.
Fade try and listen to your mum. Why so Ugly. Ugly Bit**h

Now, Ayoniadee Gucci Gucci has responded, and shared with us some exclusive pics. Ayoniadee is claiming Shidara is blacmailing her.

Ayoniadee has revealed exclusively to that Shidara is actually squatting at her place, she claims Shidara begged her to accomodate her, when she had no accomodation, fed her and even clothed her.

Ayoniadee says Shidara has a chronic disease.. that some foul odour comes out of her whenever she urinates, even with this “odour”, she accepted Shidara into her home, and took her like a sister.

She further alleges that, Shidara has slept with 3 other guys, and infected them with various infections.

In Her words:

This is the real story Oluwa Shidara is Squatting at my place She begged me to accomodate her when she had no accommodation I accepted her I Fed her I clothed her Oluwa shidara has disease that nobody use to come close to her whenever she ease herself the whole room would become smelly I accepted her with her disease. Three different guys complained of infections after they finish having sex with her.

She wears all my stuffs. On Tuesday I went to school for my exams before I got back she already packed my clothes bags shoes jewelries even Powerbank and charger.

I called her to return my things back instead she jes ignored.
When she was with me she snatched the pablo Escobar from a friend of ours that she claimed I fucked.

All what she’s wearing here is mine.
My picture she posted was even unaware
She just want to blackmail me
I helped her but she payed me back with a blackmail

Below are pictures of Oluwa Shidara below, and Ayoni is claiming all the clothes she wore below belongs to her:

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