Seyi Law Reveals Who & Who Has Been His Greatest Enemies

703b2b88 2159 4946 b24c 5f036e3e3e305078182852636124651 - Seyi Law Reveals Who & Who Has Been His Greatest EnemiesPopular stand-up comedian, Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Aletile a.k.a Seyi Law has opened up on who has been his greatest enemies.
Seyi Law pointed out that the people he has trusted the most in his life have been his greatest enemies.
In a post on his Instagram page, the 35-year-old comedian said one of the most profound lessons he has learnt in life is that strangers will have limited chances of harming a person if close relatives do not talk.
“Yesterday, my wife spotted my first grey hair and I began to ask myself what wisdom have I gained from life. One of the most profound lessons is, if those who live indoors with you don’t talk, those outdoor will have limited chance of harming you,” he wrote.
“It took Judas to sell out Jesus. It took Joseph’s brother to sell him to slavery and it took Ahithophel to destroy David’s house, but in all of these with all their evil, there is a fulfilment of purpose despite the hurts.
“Those who I have trusted the most have been my greatest enemies, always talking without been asked or succumbing to lies about me, but as I leave them behind, God always opens a new chapter that celebrates His Grace and Glory in my life that they always wished they were a part of.”

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