Sandralia Hotel To Host Floyd Mayweather and Top Dignitaries in Abuja

Sandralia Hotel To Host Floyd Mayweather and Top Dignitaries in Abuja

The undefeated World Heavyweight Champion, Floyd Mayweather is set to storm Nigeria in his first ever African tour. The world’s highest paid sportsman is scheduled to states such as Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, and Anambra from 12thto 14th June, 2017.


Zzini Media in partnership with Sandralia Hotel & Millie House are set to host an exclusive lunch with Mayweather and TMT (The Money Team) at Sandralia Hotel in Abuja on Wednesday, the 14th of June, 2017. According to the Managing Director of Sandralia Hotel, Mr. Emelie Oranika, the visit will begin with a fanfare reception at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport featuring little kid flower presentation and celebrations from FCT natives as the convoy moves to Sandralia Hotel.


Mayweather will also be involved in a Boxing Away Meningitis programme which will involve a visit to a nearby meningitis affected village in FCT before the lunch with high profile individuals in society by noon. One thing is certain the visit of the American boxing legend would be an unforgettable experience for Nigerians.

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