Roger Federer said he’ll never dress like Rafael Nadal

World number one-ranked tennis player Rafa Nadal caused a racket this month.

Not because he wasforced to withdraw from the Australian Opendue to injury, but because he went on the court to play wearing a sleeveless shirt.

It is not a trend we can expect Nadal’s playing rival Roger Federer to replicate. Not because Federer doesn’t love Nadal’s dress sense, but because, he claims, it is an impossible act to follow.

Federer was asked if he would ever go sleeveless, like Nadal. “That’s not going to happen,” Federer said,according to The Telegraph. “You know why, it’s pretty simple.”

The reason? “My arms are not as big as his.”

Federer did add that he “loves” Nadal’s look. And, if you needed reminding, here’s how Nadal’s arms look.

Federer is currently preparing for his Australian Open semi final match against Hyeon Chung on Friday. However, he took time out of his schedule to write a letter to Nadal.

“I wrote to Rafa late [on Tuesday] night before I went to bed,” he said. “It was the last thing I did, to make sure he was okay. It was not nice to see a rival and friend go out [with an injury] .”

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