Reasons Why Erigga “Paper Boi” Is The Best Rapper Nigeria Has Got At The Moment

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Popular lyricist and entertainer,Eriggawho hails from Warri has been making waves and big moves for the past year. As he gains more popularity, the number of his supporters increases. As a result, people become increasingly curious about him. This article serves to give you reasons whyEriggais the ‘best rapper Nigeria has got at the moment’.
With one hit single Nigerian hip hop recording artistErhiga Agarivbie(born 30 March 1987), better known by his stage nameEriggajumped right into the lime light and has refused to leave or step down having a hit single as a rapper in Nigeria has never been easy, but the south south rapper has come to show how easy it is by being unique and true to your roots.
Besides the stage nameErigga, he is also affectionately called“The King of the South”,“Paper Boi”, and“Erigga New Money.”Early this yearEriggawas nominated twice on one of the most prestigious award platforms in Nigeria“the Headies”The 8thheadies nominatedEriggafor lyricist on the roll and album of the year.
Unfortunately the genius rapper came out with no award and this lead to uproars from fans far and wide.Eriggafollowed up the hit single Motivation with the visuals which has gained over a million views on YouTube.
This same rapper has stood out amongst rappers for putting out one of the biggest act right now. Rappers don’t bring out singers rather singers bring out rappers but in the case ofEriggareverse is what we have here, not only did he go global with motivation, he also skyrocketed his partner on his featured single“Victor ad”who is responsible for the hit single“Wetin We gain”.I could go on and on about his recent accomplishments.
He’s currently shutting down shows, concerts, stadiums with his latest singlekettle.
Below are short clips of events whereEriggashut down every stage he has gotten on.
Watch and see why Erigga is the best rapper Nigeria has got.

Erigga shuts down Calabar with Tracenaija

Erigga shuts down Auchi Poly

Erigga Shuts Down Benin

Erigga Shuts down Warri Stadium

Erigga Shuts down Ghana


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