READ: How Jumia is Using Chatbots To Add Value To The Buying Experience of Its Customers

READ: How Jumia is Using Chatbots To Add Value To The Buying Experience of Its Customers


Chatbots are now widely used because getting quick feedback is essential to today’s customers. Many businesses have recognised this fact and are deploying chatbots to assist the customer service team to drive customer engagement and interaction. This, in turn, will impact the Net Promoter Score (NPS), thus making customers more loyal. This said, here are 5 ways chatbots add value to the buying experience of customers.

24-hour customer service

Your customer service representative can sometimes be overwhelmed and cannot respond to all requests. This is where chatbot comes in. Because they use artificial intelligence to process information, they can respond and reply accurately to enquiries and queries at any time of the day.

Seamless live chat

The clarity of the response of a chatbot has made so many people think that they are actually chatting with a customer rep. Unknown to them, they are talking to a chatbot. For example, you can use Jumia Bot from the stables of Jumia, Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination to make enquiries about your shopping preference and resolve complaints.

Allows you to personify your brand

With chatbot, you can easily personify your brand depending on your brand vision. Chatbot can feature with various conversational styles that range from being friendly to helpful and playful. These different personalities will ensure that customers keep coming back.

Can handle endless queries

Chatbots have been set up to use human intelligence to sort out customer queries. As a result, chatbots can handle endless queries with little or no mistake. Despite the fact that chatbots can do the job, it doesn’t mean you should remove the human touch.

Smoother purchase journey

Chatbot can do so many things that will ensure that the consumer’s purchase journey is smooth. The bot can offer relevant information, video content and even voucher code. In addition, chatbots can also assist customers with aggregating information like the item they desire to purchase, the method they want to pay for the order, and how they want the order shipped. 

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