R. Kelly is filing a lawsuit against Everybody involved in the Lifetime Show

Since everyone is busy chastising andno one appears to R. Kelly, the singer has come out to fight for his dignity.
The Lifetime special “Surviving R. Kelly,” has left the singer, himself in a disgusted mood although he didn’t watch the video.
According to reports by TMZ, R Kelly was kept abreast by his team and he is not very happy with the makers of the show.
Strong words were used by sources close to the singer, who said he is “disgusted” by the series which he claims is a “vendetta” against him by people who hate him.
He claims to not know half of the people involved in the show, while the other half hate him.
“He’s going to sue everybody who had anything to do with this,” one source told TMZ.
The singer was accused of running a sex cult and having sex with several underage girls, as well as physically abusing them.

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