Emeka Henry arrived Lagos in 1989 and could not spell or read a single sentence in English language. However, through a rigorous and nottoosmooth period, he went to primary and secondary school.

In 2004, he simultaneously bagged a degree in English Education (LASU) and a membership certificate in Cooperate Managerial Administration from Chattered Institute of Administration.

As a man who always leaves things better than he meets them, Henry was not satisfied with the Oral English textbook already in use. Subsequently, he went into further personal study and research and the results are: Two bestselling books in 2005. One of them is Oral English textbook, the first of its kind produced with a V.C.D. in Nigeria.

As a result, the book attracted a Weston Oral English talented youths, African Award in Ghana as the most explicit text book Unlike many young men of similar educational qualification and talent, Henry did not go about in search of job, instead he created jobs not just for himself but tens of other idle but Henry’s undying love for youths gave birth to Generation Next Edutainment an N.G.O. through which he has spoken to thousands of youths in well over 400 schools in Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria.

The birth of this N.G.O. came at the nick of time; the reason is not farfetched; in an economy such as ours where our leaders have ingloriously enriched themselves and consequently impoverished the people. “Get the slogan on the lips of most youths. Through this N.G.O “Get rich quick or die trying” as Henry brought together thousands of youths who hitherto, would have resorted to crime. Talent Hunt shows were staged, most of these youths are presently using their God lives were given a meaning subsequently.

Henry Obidi became an iconic brand among the youths as a result, became the Silver bird Television Champion of the month of Nov.2005. The story of his life was also televised along with the prestigious S.T.V.

award. In 2008 Henry as the chief editor of Generation Next Edutainment Magazine for students which sold over 50,000 copies monthly decided to reach more youths by producing his first movie, Lumba Boys. The quest for excellence sent him back to school and there he studied film directing and cinematography. He acquired his PhD and also Today Henry is the Director of over 89 movies and more than seven Television series airing on DSTV and other cable and local television stations.

Henry made history in Nollywood by being the first to complete a 26 episodes’ series for Actors guild of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter DREAMERS HIGHWAY with over 200 casts. This gave young actors an opportunity for free training and expressing their talents.

In 2011 Henry invested in his first Estate and today Neg.V Estate has helped hundreds of low income earners acquire their own land and build at their pace. As a consultant, Henry has trained hundreds of Pastors under the umbrella of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN and Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

He has consulted for leading firms in the Banking, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and Manufacturing industries. Henry again makes history as the first to produce and direct a TV series for the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

Henry is a Fellow of The Institute of Security Nigeria, University of Lagos. As an ordained pastor, Henry ministers with Divine Christ City Church and holds regular programs in Different Churches.

Henry has won the Nigerian Entrepreneur award as the most outstanding author of The Nigerian Achievers Award as the best Director in 2017 Actors Guild of Nigeria Award as best Director and best production company And so many other awards. The multiple awards winning Henry Obidi, is a conglomerate.

• He is the Editor in the helm of affairs of an up and coming chief of Generation next youth magazine.

• The Director of Neg.v. Institute of Communication Neg.v. Consulting. Neg.V production Henry Obidi

• Neg.V film Accademy is a choice Consultant and has authored over five books and produced 10 educational V.C.D on Communication, Branding, Interpersonal Skills. Etc. He is also a lecturer and Resource person with a few Consulting Firms and professional bodies. Obidi Emeka Henry hails from Ibuzo in Delta State.

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