PDP Has Not Learnt from Past Mistakes – Senator Stella Oduah

Nigerian federal lawmaker from Anambra state, Stella Oduah has said the Peoples Democratic Party is still making old mistakes that cost the party power in 2015. 

Sen. Stella Oduah has said it appeared the former ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was repeating the mistakes that led to its defeat in the 2015 elections.


The senator representing Anambra North, who reacted to the Anambra state governorship primary, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the party has started again to impose candidates for elections.


Oduah, a former aviation minister, who had formally complained to the leadership of the party, explained that due process was not followed in the conduct of the primaries.


Those in charge of the primaries, she alleged, imposed a candidate and disenfranchised other candidates and delegates.


“I am still waiting for the party to address the concerns and the issues that I raised, which boil down to the fact that the party constitutions clearly stated how primary elections ought to be conducted.’’
“Mine was very clear. I raised the alert when defects were noted.’’
She explained that she wrote to complain and to insist she would not going to be part of the process if her complaints were not addressed.
“It will be illegal and unjust to follow it to the end, it is like knowing that a hole is somewhere then you are blindly walking into it.
“Anything unjust is totally unacceptable to me and that is where we are now, waiting for the party to address those concerns,” she said.

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