My pastor has held me captive sexually because of a child’ – Esther

- My pastor has held me captive sexually because of a child' - Esther

My name is Esther, a 38-year-old married woman. I have been married for eight years now without a fruit of the womb and that has been the cause of my present woes.

In fact, this is my second marriage after my first husband and his family sent me out of his house because of my inability to give him a child. Though my new husband has been encouraging me, telling me that we would have kids at the right time, I still get very worried.

I often hear snippets from his mother and sisters talking about me whenever they come to visit. Though they have not come out in the open like my former husband’s family, I know they are not happy and it would be a matter of time before the same fate befalls me again.                                                                         

I have been to several hospitals, done fertility tests, gone for deliverance, taken all sorts of herbal drinks all in a bid to have a child but everything has been futile.

It was in this search for a child, even one child, that led me to this so-called pastor who has held me captive for over one year now.

It was my friend, Mandu, who introduced me to the man who runs a church in a remote part of Lagos. Mandu had regaled me with the man’s powers, miracles and how he has been helping barren women have their own children.

I did not wait to hear all the things the man can do as I told Mandu to take me to him. That was how desperate I was. When we got to the church, I was first disappointed because it was a dilapidated and ramshackle structure beside a canal.

But Mandu told me not to worry about the structure but what would come out of the visit. After explaining my mission to the pastor, he told me that some people in my village had tied my womb and that it would take a serious spiritual battle to untie my womb.

He said I must, first of all, provide some money for him to buy the items he would need for the spiritual battle. After that, I was to start a one-week dry fasting which I would observe in the church before the final battle.

When I got home, I told my husband about it and he said if it would bring solutions to our childlessness, he had no problem with that.

I started the fast and on the last day, he took me to back of the church to give me what he called final bath. I guess he must have hypnotized me because the next thing I knew was that he was on top of me, making love to me.


I could not even protest or push him away as I was so weak. When he finished, he told me it was the instruction he got from God to have sex with me to open my womb.

Since that day, the man has been holding me captive as he has been sleeping with me regularly and I don’t seem to have any power to stop him. I think he is using juju on me and the funny thing is that I can’t even resist him nor tell anyone about it.

I am so ashamed of myself and I need help fast before this gets out of hand.


Dear readers, this is surely not a man of God and Esther needs to be free from his hold. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?


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