Opinion: “Night Night AJ” Was The Best Backstage Promo In The History Of WWE

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AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Wwe

WWE is a genius in deception. The creative team is always up and running with the relenting job of writing storylines. This includes dialogues shared inside the ring, or backstage. It is these promos that lift the feud between two wrestlers. Promos also help in establishing a returning wrestler to connect with the audience. Randy Orton’s most recent promo after returning as a heel did just that. While all the other subsequent promos focused on building the feud between him and Jeff Hardy.

Joe is a genius when it comes to cutting great promos. The current feud between WWE Champion AJ Styles and Samoa Joe has gone to a different level altogether. It’s personal, involves family and has Samoa Joe at the helm of breaking AJ Styles down, not just physically but mentally. All the cheap tactics to get inside AJ Style’s head and even making him lose his SummerSlam bout via disqualification were crafted in a very creative manner which did not make the match look disappointing.

We have seen great backstage promos. The Miz and Daniel Bryan altercation where Bryan walked out went a little too personal. While the WWE Universe claimed that the promo was scripted, Daniel Bryan himself admitted to itsunscripted dialogues.

Be that as it may, the recent promo on the go-home episode of SmackDown Live was one of the best promos in the WWE history. Yes, it’s an opinion and I might have contrasting views compared to everybody. But this was a promo that certainly got the limelight without being unscripted and real. Samoa Joe nailed the bedtime story with such finesse. The promo encapsulated the entire feud between the two superstars that’s been going on for almost two months now.

“Night Night AJ” rightly mentioned all the key moments from their feud. The selection of commentary, segments from the fights and AJ Style’s family from ringside only added heat to the entire feud. Not to forget, the last page of the story.

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