Nigerians attack teenage lesbian kissing partner A 17-year-old girl who posted loved up photographs

Rejoice Oganiru does not give a damn about what people say about her (Facebook)                                                                  Rejoice who claims she lives in Yola Fufanga, Adamawa State, has proudly flaunted her gay partner and relationship on social media a few days ago, not knowing that the lashback she would get would be out of this world.
Taking to her Facebook account, Rejoice shared the photos of her partner kissing, frolicking and grabbing each other’s bosom with the caption:
“My woman, even if you take me to court, am ready to run your race. My woman gives me the love I deserve, I cherish her so much. (LGBT) rules.” Nkechi Odita: “Oh my God, what is this world turning into? Imagine this little girl that should be in school posting this type of rubbish? You have been marked for hell, Rejoice.”
Rejoice Okon: “I am ashamed of you, Rejoice. Who gave you my name? I can see you have no joy in your life if, at your age, you are a lesbian and gloating about it.”
Blessing Peter: “The only thing I can say is that God will have mercy on this young girl because she is lost already. A lesbian at tour age? And you are proud of it? Such a shame.”
Mike Okonofua: “I really pity your parents, Rejoice. They think they have a child but you have wasted their efforts on you. Shame on you and your lesbian partner.”
Rejoice Oganiru does not care what anyone thinks of her (Facebook)
Terry Mbang: “At your age, you are already a lesbian? I pity your life and your parents.”
Mrs. Talatu Bako: “Rejoice or whatever you call yourself, I am sure your parents are in the dark on what you are doing. Do you think being a lesbian is the plan of God for you? You will rot in hell if you don’t retrace your footsteps.”
Hajia Umma: “As a parent, I feel so sad. What is this girl doing to herself? May Allah save you from eternal condemnation.”
Young Dizzy K: “See this one, when guys are all over the place, you are enjoying lesbian sex with another woman? Just let me catch you there, you will know there is a difference between a man and a woman, idiot.”
Rejoice Oganiru says she is proud of her lesbian partner (Facebook)
Bala Kalle: “If I were her father, I will lock her up in a room and teach her how to follow natural sequence of life. She needs serious mental assessment.”

Bridget Andrew: “You have lost your soul to the devil and it will take the grace of God to save your life. Do you think we are in America? This is Nigeria girl and I am sure you are now a marked target.”
This little girl has come out as a lesbain (Facebook)
Ayo Kayode: “I don’t blame her but her parents who did not give her the proper home training. Such a little girl thinking lesbianism is a way of life. She needs Jesus.

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