My Fiancee Wants Me to Buy a N500k Wedding Dress – Man Cries Out, Threatens to Cancel Wedding

A young man who has already budgeted N800,000 for his upcoming wedding in December, is crying out after his fiancee is demanding for a N500,000 wedding dress. 

black couple arguing 1 2 - My Fiancee Wants Me to Buy a N500k Wedding Dress - Man Cries Out, Threatens to Cancel Wedding

A young Nigerian man who is a doctor observing his compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), has taken to a popular online platform and shared his story while revealing how his his fiancee complained about her wedding expenses.


The man who chose to remain anonymous, said that his wife is demanding about N500,000 from him to buy a wedding dress, adding that he budgeted N800,000 for their December wedding, but his wife who lives abroad with her parents wants him to spend a lot more than that even though she knows he cannot afford it.


He concluded said he is currently considering getting a divorce, as they already held their court wedding.


See his post below:


“Good day everyone, I’m presently confused as to what I shud do. I have had a court wedding early this year with my wife. She is based oversea with parents. I’m a young Doctor in the NYSC. We are planning our traditional and church wedding here in Nigeria for December.


“Meanwhile I realised when we started talking about how to plan the church,what kind of wedding we are expecting. Shocking to me was when she asked me how much is her wedding dress. She asked me this after I told her I budgeted around 800k for the wedding.


“She asked me how much do I want to buy her wedding dress, and I replied something around 50k at most. She wondered, and said what kind of dress is that. That her dressing is at least 500k? I honestly became very weak. I tried explaining things to her but she just behaved like someone who doesn’t understand the economic realities of the moment in Nigeria.


“She dropped the call and I had to soul search myself and came to the question, have I joined myself to the wrong person in life. What can I do at this moment? If I need a divorce for our court marriage, how do I go about it? Because I don’t understand the hell that she wants by asking me to raise 500k for just a dress you wear for one day. I know my future is bright and that’s what i’m so much concerned about.


“PS: I’m a young doctor, NYSC. Just starting out my life…People should kindly advise and guide me on what to do. Thanks”

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