MUST SEE: Upcoming artist these are 5 reasons you didn’t blow in 2017

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There are some few things you are doing wrong. These are 5 reasons you didn’t blow in 2017.

New artistes came to lime light in 2017 and the A lists kept doing better,  getting endorsements and signing international deals. It seems your dream is refusing to became a reality.

2018 can be different if you change your approach towards enhancing your career.

Below are 5reasons you didn’t blow in 2017.

1.You want to sound like Wizkid

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The truth is that  music lovers always hunt for new sounds, and once they spot it, and they like it, they stick to it.

Trying to be another Wizkid, Wande Coal, Davido and the likes, will not help your career.

You need to stop “copy copy” try to be original ,create your own sound it’s not a crime creating something from what is already existing but you need to do it in a way people wont notice.

Being distinct is  the only way you can make people believe in your abilities.

2.You are busy looking for a record label 

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Seems the era of picking artiste from the gutter  is gone. Not only that there are so many talented musicians. but you wont be suprise if you found out that most of the record labels you are runnning after are actually created to launch the carrers of their cousin or brother.So why do you think they are going to sign you into their family business.

But you can do much for your career nowadays than running after record labels.If you can take the pain to develop yourself, they will come looking for you with juicy deals when the time comes.

So you have to start thinking like you are your label C.E.O. Artiste, Artiste Manager e.t.c. pending the time you eventually get signed or you launched your actuall record company.

3.You Ditch free shows.

You need to be sincere to yourself, you haven’t taken over your street, but you want to perform and get paid at OLIC.

as an up and coming artiste ,you need to pay your dues, and one of your dues is to perform for free at first.

It helps you gather your audience and increase exposure, who knows a music scout is present at the show and you might get a connection that will bring your dreams to reality.

Keep going to shows. Even if performing for free takes you to tip the organisers, do it. You will definitely reap what you sow, if you didn’t give up.

4.You got sorrounded by wrong people

To excel in your career,you need to surround yourself with people that are in the same circle with you.

As a musician you need need people that are musically inclined, you need someone that can make good designs, you need someone that can listen to a song and analyze it, you need a team that can  help you reach your promise land.

When you surround yourself with people that have different dreams you will start looking focus and passion.

You need people that will inform you about the upcoming shows in town, give you an idea of what the people want to listen to. E.t.c. as a matter of fact, you need a team that believe in what you do and will always urge you to do more.

5.You didn’t take music Promotion serious.

Promotion is a very important aspect of the music business
To get your song accepted by the masses you need the extra push.

Music promotion has been evolving over the years, hence the approach for music promotion keep changing and that’s what you need to learn and involve your self in even if you are hiring someone to run it for you.

These are feels ways you can promote your Music

Via music blogs

Via Radio

Via Tv

Alaba Mix promotion

And more

These are effective ways you can use to promote your music.

You have done a great job writing your song and going through the recording process.

We can help you with promoting your music on any of the medium.

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Lets us know what you think about this post and also share with us other ways you think  can help up and coming musicians becomes successful in 2018 in the comment section. 

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