‘Movie Producers can no longer afford me’ – Jim Iyke

Nollywood ‘bad boy’, Jim Iyke who sat for a new interview with NET, talked about his career in the movie Industry and why he is no longer a regular face.

Jim Iyke who said he has been away creating job opportunities for youths and Nigerians in general, disclosed that movie producers can no longer afford his fees and that is why he is no longer seen in many films these days.

I have not been away, it is the producers who cannot afford me. So, I know my worth. But I have been busy creating opportunities and jobs for Nigerian youths so that we all can live better lives,” he said.

On claims that the present crop of actors lacks creativity and talent,Jim Iyke who said he always interpreted his roles professionally and would still act if he got the right pay, added;

It is wrong to say today’s artists lack productivity and talent. When the likes of Ramsey Nuoah, Emeka Ike and I were acting, that was what was said about us as well, but I did not let it bother me. We learnt on the job and we got better with time. So, I think they will also get better with time.”

This disclosure is coming after the actor in an interview with Pulse disclosed that he is going to be the godfather of Timaya’s son. He got talking about his relationship with Timaya, as many see them as the unofficial twins in the entertainment industry.

He’s already proposed it to me so this was my message to Timaya when he welcomed his child. So, I said, “hey, I heard you just had a son, so finally we have an heir – he calls us the alpha male – and he couldn’t have picked a better father for you are an astounding person but truth is somethings still dey shook for your head but don’t worry about it son, we are already working on it.” It’s a great joy, Timaya is a brother, it’s just that he can’t keep up with me, he says my head is filled with business and I am always working on something or the other but I try and bring him in the businesses that I can,” he said.

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