Meek Mill Hints At Being In Love, Hides Face Of Possible New Girlfriend

Meek Mill thinks he’s found the one. 

We couldn’t be happier for Meek Mill if he’s really falling for a new woman. We think it’s safe to say our excitement isn’t the same as his son’s who revealed just last week that he wants his dad to get married for Christmas. The holidays are a little too soon for such a thing to happen, but by the looks of it, Meek may have a certain lady that he’s calling his own.

Aside from covering the face of a woman he jumped on a jet ski with (as seen below) Meek was also the subject of a video where a woman detailed how the rapper tells her to come chill to just watch “him sleep.”

We can’t say for sure if the woman in both videos are the same person, but it’s a close bet. Even more telling though, Meek responded to a few people on Twitter who called him out for tweeting a lot adding how “he must be in love or something.” As for Meek’s response, he simply stated: “I think I am.”

Meek Mill


I think I am


this nigga meek tweeting heavy now he must be in love or something @MeekMill

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The Championships rapper even shared some information on his sexual habits when it comes to being protected:

Meek Mill


I don’t have unprotected sex while single πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ it’s only one girl that get to feel this shit

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Only time will tell who the lucky woman is.

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