Mase Ft. Diddy & DJ Khaled – Rap Rushmore

Mase dropping more tunes to accompany his musical return.
Mase is really looking to get back in the music game. The rapper has teamed up with the likes of DJ Khaled and Diddy for his latest single, “Rap Rushmore.”

Although Diddy and Khaled are featured, the duo are really only providing ad-libs between Mase’s verses on the beat. The Florida helmed rapper’s last release was “The Oracle” that was a diss track to Cam’ron. When the Dipset affiliate got word of the tape, he told The Breakfast Club that he’s “never dissed Mase in my life” adding that he doesn’t play with someone who plays with God.

“Once you start playin’ with God and start taking people’s money, and say rap is the devil then come back and rap cause you ain’t got no money, I just can’t pump with you. I’m not sayin’ I’m the most religious guy in the world, but I don’t play with you when you play with God,” he explained.

Listen to the beat and tell us what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m the only pretty ni**a from the city
Hoes or Diddy ever had love for
Give a ni**a mug for
Dope boy swag I ain’t never
Had it cut raw

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