Manchester City Has The Most Valuable Squad In World Football

The Premier League’s riches means that England’s top tier has three of the most valuable squads in world football, withtopping the charts at over £1 billion.

The transfer window has already been open a few weeks and, whilst there’s been some big deals concluded already, we’re waiting for it to really get going.

have been the early movers in the market but their fierce rivalscould yet make two of the biggest transfers of the summers if two huge rumours are to be believed.

List of Most Valuable Clubs in the World

1.– € 1.05 Billion

2.Liverpool– € 1 Billion

3.– € 958.95 Billion

4.– € 861.98 Billion

5.Alteico Mardid– € 861. 98 Billion

6.– € 830.83 Billion

7.Tottenham Hotspur– € 793.35 Billion

8.– € 784.8 Billion

9.– € 706.28 Billion

10.Bayern Munich– € 674.55 Billion

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