Late Actress Aisha Abimbola’s Family & Lola Alao At War Over Kids Custody

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Nollywood actress, Lola Alao and Victor
Ibrahim, the estranged spouse of late actress
Aisha Abimbola are currently at war over
the custody of their two kids.
Recall, Aisha Abimbola who was laid to rest
on May 17, 2018 in Canada battled cancer
before her death on Tuesday May 15, 2018.
Though Lola Alao has been taking care of
the kids since Aisha’s death, the eventual
custody of these kids is already being
determined in a court in Canada.
According to Enquirermag close sources,
there’s tension between the late actress’
family and now Canada-based Lola Alao
over the rightful custodian of these kids.
The fate of Keji and Lase (the kids) is in the
court of law already. Even though, Lola
Alao , the late actress’ bosom friend and
Victor Ibrahim, the estranged father of the
kids are not ready to divulge any
information regarding the civil suit which
we gathered has been adjourned till
January 29th, 2019 for final judgment, there
is reportedly a power tussle on the
children’s custody.
Though, the fact that, actress Lola Alao was
considered as the next-of-kin to the late
Omoge Campus when she was dying is not
in contention, she (Lola) was the only one
that was around taking responsibility of the
ailing actress and it was also gathered that,
Omoge Campus had no other choice than to
ask her friend, Lola for that favour of
taking charge of her kids if she eventually
Now, months after her death, the Canadian
authority had invited family members via a
letter directly addressed to the father of the
kids who’s in Nigeria.
The letter requests for him to agree if the
children’s custody should be given to Lola
Alao who has been acting as their guardian.
As it is, the father of the kids has refused to
give consent even though he hasn’t been
fraternising with the kids.
Enquirermag was informed that the father
of the kids is also seeking to also benefit
from such opportunity, more so, now that
those kids are Canadian citizens.
The duo of Lola Alao, and Victor Ibrahim
Enquirermag gathered are said to be
weighing different options available
because, according to inside sources, the
kids’ father is said to have been tipped on
what Lola Alao has been benefitting, in
form of allowance from the government for
having the kids’ custody.
In our facts-finding mission, Enquirermag
got in touch with the actress, Lola Alao in
Canada and in one breath, she denied
anything of such and when we probed
further she said, “Look, it’s even me that
informed Victor of the letter from the
government, there’s no fight anywhere. I
also have my own kids, I am just helping a
late friend, I have nothing to hide, where
did you guys get all these fake news, I am
not aware of any court issue and as we
speak, the kids are holidaying with one of
their father’s relatives here in Canada, if
anyone writes any useless story about me, I
will be ready to sue the person.”
And on his part, the father of the kids
flared up when we contacted him on his
He said, “Where did you hear all these? I
don’t want to speak on this. It’s a family
issue and has nothing to do with the press.
Please you guys should not compound this
case for me.”

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