Lady Narrates How Okada Rider Set Her Up For Robbery In Lagos

It’s not a new thing to hear about robbery in lagos state, as they say lagos is the land of ‘Hustlers’. We have had several tactics in which robbers us to extort people by the roadside. This young lady shares her ordeal with us so we could be aware of this.

Mary Martins has just shared a scary robbery experience she had in Lagos last weekend when she and her friend rode on a bike from CMS to Mile 2. According to her, mid way through the journey the bike man started acting funny and stopped the bike to see what was wrong with it only for two armed robbers to burst out of no where to steal their valuables.

“So on Sunday, I and my girlfriend was going to my family house in Ojo and we boarded a bike from Cms to Mile2 immediately after alaba surum the bikeman started acting funny, his bike stopped and he said it was fuel.
He asked us to come down from the bike that he was going to fix it he turned the bike sideways and up, he tried starting the bike immediately the bike came on, Two guys from nowhere attacked i and my girlfriend with a cutlass and robbed us of handbags that contained (ATM card, school ID card, money and our phones) and they cut my pinky finger in the process so the could frighten us and leave the scene quickly before we could call for help
I’m putting this up so the public can know thier tactics. Most bike men are robbers they even had another bike waiting for them on the other lane where there’s no traffic to make things easy for them y’all be careful out there.”

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