I’m jubilating because my daughter did not renounce Christ – Father of Unreleased Dapchi Girl

104 of the 110 girls abducted by Boko Haram from the Government Girls Science and Technical College, Dapchi, had been returned on Wednesday by the terrorist group.
5 of the girls had been reported dead, while reports claimed 1 was not released because she refused to renounce her religion – Christianity.

According to The Cable, the father of the girl, Nata Sharibu, said he was happy his daughter did not renounce her faith. He said:

All of them were released. They said some were dead there and my daughter is alive but they cannot release her because she is a Christian.
They gave her the option of converting in order to be released but she said she will never become a Muslim. I am very sad but I am also jubilating too because my daughter did not denounce Christ.

Although the Federal Government is yet to confirm the deaths of the 5 girls, or the whereabouts of the 1 remaining girl, the released girls say the 5 girls died of heart attack.

Five of our friends died of heart attack, trauma and stress as a result of the long trip.
We crossed several rivers and streams and into one house where we lived till our departure day.

They also confirmed that the remaining girl was not released because of her religion. They said:

We didn’t know why they brought us back but they told us we are Muslims and we share the same faith and they don’t want us to suffer.
One of us was held back on the religious ground. She is a Christian and refused to denounce her religion.

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