I have come to stay in politics And I’ve No Regrets – Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and son of veteran actor, Yul Edochie declared his interest in running for Anambra Governorship some months back, and he went all out. Unfortunately he lost out to the incumbent governor in the recently conducted Anambra State gubernatorial elections.

In a recent chat with Inside Nollywood, the proud father of three who has returned to acting said he is happy he made an impact as a youth in politics and he has no regrets:

“No regrets at all. I’m happy I ventured into it and I have come to stay in politics. And I urge more Nigerian youths to come into politics. We all need to know how our state and country is being run and make contributions. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. 95% of the people in Nigerian politics are there to grab money, they don’t care about giving the people good governance.

I gained so much experience, which I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere. It brought me closer to the people and I witnessed various problems, which different communities in Anambra are facing. Through me, their voices will be heard, ” he stated.

Speaking on what’s next for him as a highly sought after face in Nollywood movies, Edochie assured fans to be ready for him, as he make plans to make up for the lost days.

“ Well, for now, I can’t list out what’s next for me, but fans should be watchful. I left acting and directing for months for politics and a lot of my people missed me. I missed them too. I’ll be back. I also don’t plan to make movies out of my campaign experience.

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