Her parents never requested for her to leave the #BBNaija House – BamBam’s Representatives issue Official Statement

Over the course of the week, there were rumors that current Big Brother Naija housemate BamBam was wanted back home by her parents as a result of her perceived escapades with fellow housemate Teddy A .
Her team has however come out to clear the air stating categorically that there was no such request and that the person peddling the rumors has no affiliation with BamBam.
The statement, which was posted on her official Instagram page, reads:

Good day friends of BamBam.
Happy new month
Thank you all so much for your firm support and loyalty, we appreciate you all a lot.
There’s been a false news circulating on social media about BamBam’s parents requesting for her to leave the big brother house to return home, this news is very false as the supposed person is not family, friend or even supporter of BamBam, I repeat it is COMPLETELY FALSE and as such should be disregarded. We do not know the said user from anywhere and as such have serious affiliations with her. It’s the work of unscrupulous elements and it is what it is. Thank you for those who stuck out for us and brought it to our notice.
We have come a long way together under such short time which seems like years but you all have been constantly supportive through the good and bad and for this we deeply appreciate.
We crave your indulgence to please spread this news and continue to show your support as we stand together to ensure victory is ours by Gods grace.
Still on #istandwithbambam
#bambamforever#bamco#bambam#bamteddy#bamfam#bamfamexclusive# bbnaija
Love always
TeamBamBam ❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤

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