Help! This Embarrassing Thing Happens to Me During S*x


A man who has been battling an embarrassing sexual situation with his woman has asked for help from relationship expert, Deidre.


I’m a guy of 27 and my partner is 28. We’ve been together for a year and she’s the first girl I’ve been with in a long time. We waited a few months before we had s*x. I was so excited but very nervous.
The minute we start kissing my partner gets very excited as well and that leads to me ejaculating too soon. She gets angry and I have had enough of this situation. I am fit, go to the gym every day and eat healthy foods.
Here is Deidre’s reply:
Tell your partner you care for her and desire her but you need her to help you develop more control. Getting angry adds to the pressure. My e-leaflet Want To Last Longer? explains self-help s*x therapy. Simply having sex a second time can work wonders. In any case, s*x doesn’t have to be over for her once you ejaculate. You can still make sure she is satisfied.

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