HCien – Atachigom (feat. Zoro)

Rapper HCien who came to prominence as the winner of MTN Pulse university campus rap battle at the Abia State University (ABSU) last year releases his new song titled “ Atachigom ” featuring

Zoro .

Atachigom is his third single which sees him and Zoro rapping over an infectious, head-bopping instrumental produced by notable Coal City music producer Kezyklef .

On Atachigom, HCien discards his humble offstage personality and goes in with the flow and cockiness of the Lagos-born Imo state thoroughbred that he is. Kezyklef ‘s instrumental is used as a mixture of traditional Igbo percussion sounds with hip-hop snares and Trap kicks and bass lines mastered by

@lordgabrielz . This fusion gives the song a multi-layered effect that highlights HCien’s lyrical ability as he effortlessly switches between Igbo and English on the catchy hook.

Employing an unconventional flow that sets him apart from other bilingual rappers on the track, HCien’s bars are fire from start to finish. Zoro too, justifies his inclusion on the track with a fire second verse.

Atachigom is the anthem for a new generation of culturally confident Southeastern Hip-hop artistes who are proud and unapologetic, yet charismatic and great to listen to. Boastful and serious, yet charming and hilarious at the same time, Atachigom is HCien ‘s statement to the world that he is ready to come into the national Hip-hop mainstream. On this evidence, anyone trying to stop HCien ‘s rise as a lyricist has quite a job on their hands.

Stream, download and enjoy the track below!

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