Halima Abubakar And Susan Peter Publicly Digrace Each Other In Prolonged Brawl On IG

Nollywood actresses Susan Peters and
Halima Abubakar had a brawl on instagram, and obviously all is not well between the co stars.

Halima Abubakar had reposted a post shared by an international online site reflecting on how the post touched her deeply especially as she was going through a similar situation.

Some of her friends dropped their comments including Co actress Mercy Johnson who made a funny comment, it was at this point that Susan Peters thought she could join in the ‘fun’ only to be slammed mercilessly by Halima who accused her of neglecting her for two years.
A brawl ensued with Susan claiming Halima had blocked her, Halima however denied blocking the actress from reaching her on any platform
See the conversation below…

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