Guys, Take Note: Women Reveal The Number One Reason Why They Cheat on Their Men

Many women have opened up on what makes them cheat on their partners when they are in a relationship. Cheating couple caught - Guys, Take Note: Women Reveal The Number One Reason Why They Cheat on Their Men

Love rats have opened up about the real reasons they do the dirty – and they’re pretty shocking.


Men and women tend to stray for different reasons and new research has shed light on why ladies in particular stray from their partners.


According to a new survey women – who have all cheated at least once in the past – women are most likely to cheat if they feel neglected in their current relationship.


Researchers found that a whopping 65% of ladies went elsewhere for sex when they felt like they weren’t being given enough attention by their partner.


But booze was also shown to be a powerful motivator for adultery because 37% of love rat ladies confessed that being drunk caused them to have an adulterous liaison.


The poll also revealed that two fifths of cheating Brits continued as though nothing had happened after being unfaithful – choosing not to come clean to their partner.


And 28% of cheats only admitted to the truth after being caught out, with many continuing their relationship after the sordid confession.


George Charles, spokesperson for, said: “Ultimately, if you’re not happy with an aspect of your life, you’re the only one who can do something about it.

“If you’re not happy with your relationship, work on it or leave.

“Whilst you may be comfortable and worried about change if you were to separate, it’s better than cheating on someone and hurting them, and yourself, in the long run.”


Meanwhile previously ladies opened up about the top alibis they use to keep their infidelity under wraps.


According to recent research by extra-marital dating site Gleeden, most ladies pretend they’re off for a girl’s night out when they are actually sneaking off for sex.


The survey, which quizzed more than 18,000 members, found that 66% of women use an “evening out with friends” as their number one alibi.


Other popular lies included “I’m taking some me-time” either shopping or at the spa, or “I have a professional obligation”.


Pumping iron at the gym was a cover-story used by 27% of women, while 11% said they were visiting parents or family.


Here are the top five reasons women cheat:


1. I wasn’t being given enough attention by my partner – 65%


2. I was drunk – 37%


3. My partner cheated on me/revenge – 32%


4. I thought it was potentially going somewhere – 22%


5. Someone else made the first move – 18%

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