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I am Godboy like the sons of Zadok in Ezekiel 44, I am the lead
servant.  Praise/Worship Minister,  Life Coach.. Master Compere(Voice
Over artist) a recording artist.

Heart of God Music and Theatre is a team of God’s people who devote
their talents and life time searching through praise-worship, the
content of the Heart of God and making it known to men in, Praise,
Dance and in Drama And in turn return His praise witbiut delay.
…Here is one song we have put together to bless you.  It is the
first as a team

So in  divers tongues and languages we have to joined voices as in one
accord to say… Oluwa Ese,  Oghenedo, Ada Ochedulebawono, Gbani
Gbani.. we thank you for all you have done, the ones you will not do,
and the ones you are doing… IMELA.

Enjoy it

Download Audio GodBoy & HGMT Crew – Imela


GodBoy & HGMT Crew – Imela

I’ve read about you

Thought about you
What you can and what you will
What you have and what you could do
God of wonders
Lover of all
Agbanilagbatan,  okosisi na-mbanile
Oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh

Imela o oh oh oh
Imela o oh oh
Imela o, Chukwu okike
Imela o,  Eze

+ You are strong and mighty God, the Lion of.       the tribe if
Judah,  we bow to worship you…)

You are He who was and is and is to come
The Lion and the Lamb that’s who you are
I will bow to you, lift my voice and say

Choir: Oghenedo

Oluwa èse eeh

God of all the universe you reign
With the voice of thunder you parthed the red sea (eeh ehh)
Osimiri atu-nnu
Yahweh, Yahweh

Egwu ndiso
Akankwu n’echemba
Resp- Gbanigbanilagbatan (4 times)

(Male)Call- Elegbetee idudu-meru do
KO Onowohogwe Jesu
Resp- gbanigbani lagbatan

Call- Ghwe-cobiruoo ujiro utodewee oo Jehovah over do eeh, yes you’re

Resp- gbanigbani lagbatan

Call- Ada’m eeh

Idu òlòpu Judah

Resp- Gbanigbanilagbatan

Call- My Òbadabada

Aw’Ocho gbegbèchè
Aleachaba eeh, òchèdulèbawòno

Chorus till fade…

Download Audio GodBoy & HGMT Crew – Imela

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