“My Girl stink down there, like a Rotten fish” I have tried a whole lot to put an end to this problem – Please Help

We’ve been dating for the past 3 years (since August 2014) and sincerely speaking she’s the best girl any sane guy would want to keep as a Girlfriend and later marry as a Wife.

She’s beautiful, respectful and also ambitious as she advice me and stay close to me whenever I feel like quitting.. She has indirectly bring out the best in me. We both look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

I can’t do without her for a day but then there is a very big problem I am facing with her that makes me cry every minute and the problem is “My Girl stink down there, like a Rotten fish” 😟😟

I have tried a whole lot to put an end to this problem. I have read countless blog post online, bought different drugs for her to counter this problem but all to no avail 😩

I don’t know what to do anymore! This makes me cry everyday and serious makes me feel down.

Seriously, the odour is bad and any time we finish having sex, the whole of my room starts to smell badly.

Most time I just have to close my eyes, get Air Fresheners and spray inside the house to bring down the odour and when that is been done, she starts to cry.


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