Get Familiar (As Yomi Blaze Drops promo Pictures in Anticipation Of New Song)

Yomi Blaze is a Nigerian indeginous rapper also known for his gorgeous looks and most especially unique sound. His music which has an infusion of Hiphop, rap & Afro pop which he does magnificently with his Yoruba language in serenading his audience.
Born & brought up in surulere, lagos state, this enigmatic and charismatic entertainer honed and perfected his song and stage performance at a tender age following up music oriented individuals and participating in music related events till 2013 when he joined a group called “Team blazing” (himself, picazo and ose ). He had opportunities of working with few renowned producers & artistes at that time before and after the split. Regardless, he didn’t stop as he went ahead doing song covers for fun.
The Surulere born rapper was born Oriyomi Eclou Matthew had got so many engagements in the idustry and also has involved in so many rap competitions where he became a household name. Having had the opportunities to compete at local and state levels, he scored one of his major wins as with second in the DeRok rap competition in unilag. This also elevated his music career giving him extra opportunities in the muaic industry.
The word (Artist) is rampantly thrown around these days as we could see from singers & such. However in Yomi Blaze’s case; the word (Artist) is almost an understatement. Not only does he keep up his love for singing, he is also a song writer, model, actor and full time entertainer. In 2018, Yomi Blaze snagged a record deal with Nigerian based entertainment company; Realsoundz music and currently on the move to drop his first solo single with the label. The lagos born entertainer is not chilling as he is set to take advantage of all his connections to set his music career going.
he January 9th, 1995 born entertainer is all about magic. In all, his electrifying showmanship is absolutely astonishing.

Twitter: @Yomiblaze1
Instagram: @yomiblaze_ika

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