Gbetu Top 10 Nigeria Gospel Songs – June 2019

Gbetu Top 10 Nigeria Gospel Songs – June 2019


So we started, as promised in June, here are the gospel songs that made our Top Ten Countdown.

Because it is Gospel dose’t mean it has to be cheap or produced anyhow, its still music.

Check out list below.


Top Ten Nigeria Gospel Songs for June 2019

  1. Aramide – I’m A Winner

Produced by GeeMagik


2. Imela – CJ. wonder

Produced by Reimi Studio


3. Victor Onuabuobi – AMEN

Produced by Manuz


4.  Winnermight – You’ve Done Me Well

Produced by Great Hussana.


5.  Havivah – Jesus My Mirror

Produced by Tezzybeats.


6. The Plan – Smile

Produced by OSADEBEY


7. Harvest Favour – Aha Ya

Produced by Mr. Nyerho


Oops! Only seven great gospels made June. See you in August for July list!


How To Participate:

  • Song must come with artwork, well mixed and produced
  • Song must come with name of Producer

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