Fuji Icon, Obesere Receives Honours in UK

Fuji Icon Obesere Receives Honours in UK

No doubt this UK trip is a big merriment trip for popular Fuji star, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere who has been in the UK for over a week now to relax and have a good time with his lovely family.

The iconic fuji musician was hosted and honoured in big form by the Performing Artistes of Nigeria UK Chapter (P.A.O.N) an award was also presented to the Fuji maestro for his good achievements in the Entertainment industry and he was also made the patron of the Performing Artistes of Nigeria in UK on Friday 19th of January 2018 at their recently held annual new year celebration party of the club in London

The glamour plaque was presented to him by the president of the Club Mr. Gbenga Sikuwade.
See photos from the cut.

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